Girls Varsity Lacrosse · Maggie Palumbo – Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

Name: Maggie Palumbo

Spring Sport: Lacrosse

How long have you been playing your current spring sport?  7 years.

What do you enjoy most about your spring sport?

Beating good teams and dance parties in the locker room before games.

What is your best memory from your spring sport?

Beating Jackson to get into the Final Four sophomore year and pool parties after our games.

What plans do you have after graduation?

Attending Ohio University.

Logos | Ohio University

Favorite movie/tv show:


UP | Disney Movies

Favorite food/restaurant:

 Hibachi Steak and Chicken with Yum Yum sauce.

Favorite subject/class:


Favorite candy:

 Mini Starburst : STARBURST FaveREDS Minis Fruit Chews Candy, 8 ounce ...

Favorite ice cream flavor:


Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe - Add a Pinch

Favorite music/artist/band:


Favorite city/beach/vacation destination:

Marco Island, FL

Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort: All In a Day's Vacation ...

Favorite sports team:

Cleveland Indians

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Hobbies/interests outside of the sport(s) you play:

 Shopping and going to concerts.

One thing you couldn’t live without: